Dentists in Hudson Valley Want Your White Smile to be Created Safely


In the last couple of decades, one of the most popular Do-It-Yourself trends has been teeth whitening. From creating it yourself at home to buying an over-the-counter kit, patients are looking for any reason to avoid going to their dentist’s office to get this procedure. Unfortunately, many of these DIY treatments can cause more harm to your teeth than good. Dentists in Hudson Valley know that you want the best smile, so why not come here? Below are reasons that many DIY teeth whitening fads are dangerous for your oral health.


Harmful, Unknown Products
There are some ingredients in the over-the-counter kits that patients may not know anything about. No matter what the brand is, there could be an overwhelming amount of a certain chemical that, while may whiten your teeth, can be harming your tooth enamel, as well. This can cause your teeth to become extremely sensitive, making it difficult for you to eat or drink certain items because it’s painful. If you’re set on buying an over-the-counter kit, then research what chemicals should and shouldn’t be in teeth whitening trays and strips.


Promises Not Guaranteed
Of course, each teeth whitening product is going to claim that theirs is the best and will give you the whitest smile that you’ll love. Patients use their judgement depending on the product and the price, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s set of teeth are unique to them, which means that one product isn’t going to necessarily work the best for their smile. On top of that, trying multiple different brands can quickly damage your enamel and your gums.


Spending Too Much Money for Average Results
Let’s face it—teeth whitening isn’t cheap. And, if it is, the chances are that that particular product isn’t very helpful, anyway. Many of these kits, which only hold at most a month’s worth of strips and trays, can cost anywhere between $30 and $100. Patients assume that the most expensive products are going to work the best, which may be true, but what’s upsetting is that they tend to fade after a certain amount of time. This causes patients to go back and by more, only for it to fade again over time. These kits can burn a hole in a patient’s pocket, and fast.


Making an appointment with your dentists in Hudson Valley will not only allow you to discuss their process of teeth whitening but can tell you every component and step that goes into this procedure. Contact one of our three locations, two in Poughkeepsie and one in Wappingers Falls, by requesting an appointment and choosing which office is closest to you!

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