General dentists in Wappingers Fall, NY area describe cavities and fillings

At Family Smiles of Hudson Valley in the Wappingers Fall, NY area, general dentists can assist patients with maintaining the health and wellness of their smile with a wide range of traditional dental procedures. When patients think of treatments at the dental office, cleanings, examinations, and fillings often come to mind. Fillings are placed when patients have had a cavity develop within their smile. Cavities can become larger and eventually cause an infection—requiring further services such as root canal therapy or even permanent extraction. This is why fillings are so important.
Cavities start from acids on the teeth that may eat away at the enamel. This also includes sugars that sit on the teeth. The primary reason they develop is due to poor oral health habits. Patients who do not brush and floss after meals are at a much higher risk of developing cavities, as well as individuals who have high sugar and highly acidic diets. This can increase the chance of cavities forming.
Most times, cavities can be detected with a physical examination, while other times, x-rays may be needed to spot them before they become visible to the human eye. Regardless, detection is important because the sooner they are located and filled, the less likely they are to cause continued damage to the tooth. Fillings are done right in our office with composite resin bonding to ensure not only safety but aesthetic enhancement. Fillings are tooth-colored for seamless integration into the tooth without standing out as a dental repair.
Cavities are completely preventable. Patients need to speak with their dentist about proper brushing and flossing technique to avoid the development of dental caries. Additionally, patients who visit the dentist at least twice a year have a better chance of catching the development of a cavity before it becomes a serious issue.
If you believe you may have a cavity and need to undergo the placement of a filling or other treatments to revise the issue, contact the team of Family Smiles of Hudson Valley today by calling (845) 473-4565. Our family-friendly practice is ready and willing to assist you and your household with your oral health needs.

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