Top Wisdom Teeth FAQs

There are many questions surrounding your wisdom teeth.  Should they be removed?  What if they don’t get taken out?  What is surgery like?  While every person has their own experience with wisdom teeth, there are some common questions that your family dentists in Wappingers Falls, NY can answer.  Here’s everything you should know about wisdom teeth.
What Are Wisdom Teeth?
These are a set of molars that will be located at the very back of your mouth.  You’ll notice they are the third set of molars and often arrive during your teenage years.  This isn’t true for everyone as they can arrive at any time.  When your teeth begin to shift because of the lack of space, they have to come out.  
What Is The Removal Process?
If the wisdom teeth are sitting above the gum line, they should be easy to remove.  In other cases, they can become impacted.  This simply means they are fused to the bone.  In that circumstance, a surgical procedure will be necessary for removal.  No matter what position your wisdom teeth are in, it would be important to discuss all procedures with your dentist or oral surgeon.  They will know the best course of action to take.
How Is The Recovery?
When you aren’t prepared for what is to come, you can find yourself dealing with more stress than necessary.  When the wisdom teeth are removed, your main goal will be to remain comfortable and healthy.  Practicing good oral hygiene will be key to have a healthy mouth.  The last thing you want is a nasty infection while healing from surgery.  The dentist may prescribe an antibiotic for you to aid in remaining infection free.
What Next?
Your dentist will be able to guide you into the next steps.  Call Family Smiles of the Hudson Valley today to make an appointment where you can voice all your concerns and questions regarding surgery.  You can receive practical guidance on what to do before and after your surgery.  Trust the health of your pearly whites to the dentists that care about your oral health.

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