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Your Hudson Valley dentists at Family Smiles know you would probably rather not see all that we have to see on a daily basis, or even read about it. But when it comes to addressing an issue that is rarely talked about and could have huge health risks- we feel we must discuss it.


Today we are discussing tooth abscesses, which can be caused by cavities, decay, bacterial infections and even dental work. We will see what the symptoms and complications of these oral health detriments can be and what you can do to counteract them.



Typically an abscess will start out as a tender, swollen area that has an increasing level of pain. The gums may bleed or expel pus and it may be very sensitive to hot or cold temperature changes. The patient themselves may develop a fever from the infection and/or may become lethargic or less likely to eat or drink because of the pain.



If an abscess is left untreated, it could result in further infection. These infections can include, but not be limited to, the surrounding tissue or bone, sinus or facial cavities and more. At the worst end of the spectrum- abscesses can result in a condition called Ludwig angina. With this illness comes a swelling of the tongue and/or throat that results in airway compromise and potentially- death.


Most patients probably never considered the fact that an abscess can turn fatal- but they can indeed and should be taken seriously and treated accordingly. If you have an abscess or any other oral health concern, call your Hudson Valley dentists for an assessment and treatment right away.


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