Your Dentists in Wappingers Falls NY shares some home remedies for toothaches

People will try anything other than to visit their highly educated dentist to ease the pain of a bad tooth. The cliché of tying a string to the bad ‘sore’ tooth and tying the other end to a doorknob, ‘OUCH!’  The forcefulness of the ‘SLAM’ is supposed to jar the tooth out. (Not recommended) A better use of ‘string’ for teeth would be the waxed or non-wax thin type called dental floss. It is mainly used to slide between each tooth before the brushing and before the oral rinsing with a therapeutic mouthwash. 
Here are some ‘real’ yet unusual home remedies to ease that tooth ‘ache’:

Have a Whiskey

Yes, ‘have a drink.’ Swish a bit of alcohol in the mouth. Scotch, Brandy, Vodka. It kills and numbs a bad tooth. You can also dip a cotton ball in whiskey and apply it directly to the bad tooth.

Try Black Tea

Not to drink, but to place the soaked warm tea bag next to the painful tooth. If tooth not sensitive to cold, you can place a cold wet tea bag. The tannin that is present in tea can reduce swelling and pain.

Use a Lemon

Citric acid can relieve the pain of a toothache. Slice a lemon and apply it directly to the affected area. Or swish some lemon juice mixed with just a pinch of salt around the affected tooth, it will definitely reduce your pain.
Hold the Cucumber
Cucumbers have antioxidant properties that protect the body from free radicals. Hold a slice of cucumber against the problem tooth, use it chilled if teeth or tooth not sensitive to cold.
Now, we do want to point out these remedies only take away the pain but do nothing to actually solve the problem of the pain. We do recommend, after the pain subsides a bit with these home remedies, that you make an appointment to visit the dentists in Wappingers Falls NY for a thorough examination.

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