Hudson Valley Dentists on Whitening the Right Way

Embarrassed by the shade of your smile? Luckily for you, your Hudson Valley dentists offer the top cosmetic procedure of teeth whitening– so you can have pride in your smile once again!


Before you schedule yourself an appointment, however, we understand the need to explore your options. You are not only a patient of ours, but you are a consumer in the world too, and surely, you are exposed to information about teeth whitening almost daily! From ads online and on TV about toothpaste, mouthwashes, strips and more- it can be overwhelming! But who does the best job at it, overall?


Well, not to brag, but we think our Hudson Valley dental office does. We offer cosmetic teeth whitening, which uses the most powerful ingredients available for whitening, so that your smile starts to shine the brightest it can, in the shortest amount of time. Most patients can see their teeth change several shades in just an hour or so! If in-office is not your thing, we also offer some take-home kits too. Although the strength of the ingredients is a little less than in-office whitening treatments, it is still much more powerful than in-store products. Simply wear a custom tray a few hours a day, for a few days a week, for a few weeks (instructions will vary by the patient) and your smile will be bright and new in no time!


But what can you do to maintain your bright white new smile after a procedure? And how can our services truly stack up against the word of all those companies and advertisements? Find out answers to these questions and so much more by reviewing the following resource: WebMD on Teeth Whitening.


To schedule a teeth whitening appointment with your Hudson Valley dentists, click here to review office information and pick the location that is most convenient for you! 

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