Family Smiles dentist on Brush Choice

Choosing a toothbrush can be hard. Even as professionals, your Family Smiles dentists can stand with their hands on their hips looking at options for what seems like forever sometimes.


And while the sheer volume of brush choices and varieties seems impossible to wrap your mind around at times, the choice will typically boil down to one main decision or another: electric or manual.


To help all of our Family Smiles patients make it through this tough call the next time they need a brush, today we have provided some comparisons between the two styles for your to consider!


Manual Toothbrush

  • Available in a variety of colors, sizes and from companies you are familiar with.
  • Inexpensive to replace.
  • Compact and simple design, easy to travel with and keep track of.
  • Depends on your individual timing and technique to be successful in cleaning.


Electric Toothbrush

  • Less “colorful” or varied options, but still available from companies you trust.
  • Slightly higher price tag.
  • More parts and pieces, like charging cables, batteries, etc. - not as easy to travel with.
  • Delivers the best level of cleaning available with the least amount of effort.


So as we see from these comparisons, price and style may not be everything. It definitely is possible to get an efficient cleaning from your manual toothbrush, but typically your Family Smiles dentist sees that patients using electric ones can a better cleaning overall.


For tips on improving your brushing technique, check out our handy FAQs page, or ask for a demonstration at your next appointment!


You can schedule that appointment by calling our office today at (845) 452- 6110.

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