Don't Fear the Root Canal! Here's what you Need to know


Root canal therapy is an incredibly popular procedure. Not popular in that patients love to have it done, but popular in that many patients need this treatment in order to address severe damage. Historically, most people have had the impression that they would rather do just about anything besides having a root canal. When you meet the dentists in our Wappingers Falls, NY office or other offices, you quickly see that there really is nothing to fear. In fact, root canal therapy can save you from more complicated problems.


There are several conditions that may lead to root canal therapy. Most often, it is that a tooth has become infected at its core, right where the nerves and root are situated. This is an important note, because it tells you that, when you take good care of your teeth and see your dentist regularly, it may be possible to avoid the need for this treatment.


Nothing to Fear


Having a root canal is not painful, as many people believe. The pain that occurs is that which stems from the original infection. Many people don't see the dentist until they can no longer tolerate the mild pain that has been telling them there is a problem. Once they receive care, their pain is resolved. Root canals are performed with local anesthetic, just like when you get a filling. After removing damaged enamel, a small opening is made to the center of the tooth. Here, tiny instruments remove soft tissues that have become infected. A sterilizing fluid is inserted into the canals to wash them clean, and they are then filled with inert material that will seal out bacteria. Finally, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth. About ten days after the procedure, a final crown will replace it.


Fear the Alternative!


If there is anything to fear, it would be losing a tooth because of infection, or needing to have it extracted by your dentist. Removal requires subsequent treatment to replace the tooth. Natural, we would imaging, means many months of unnecessary pain, followed by the need to replace the tooth. Why put yourself through that, when you can be treated with gentleness and precision?

Family Smiles of Hudson Valley has three offices to serve your dental needs. Contact us to schedule preventive care, and give yourself a good chance at avoiding the need for root canal therapy.

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