Family Smiles Dentist Discusses The Possibility of Tooth Decay from Sleeping with Your Mouth Open


When you wake up in the morning, there’s a chance that you’ll wake up with bad breath. While this is common, it’s not necessarily something to ignore. If this happens every morning, your Family Smiles dentist wants you to know that your smile could be at risk of tooth decay. Below, we discuss how studies have come to this conclusion and why this should be addressed as soon as possible.


The reason that bad breath occurs in the morning is due to breathing with your mouth open while you sleep. Although you may not think that you do, the dry, cotton mouth says otherwise! At night, your mouth produces less saliva, so it’s more common to wake up with dry mouth, an uncomfortable feeling that surrounds your teeth and tongue.


Your saliva has pH levels, which determines the acidity or basicity of a water-based solution, so scientists measured these levels in participants where they were forced to sleep with their mouth open. When it comes to pH levels, anything below a 7 is considered acidic. Of course, since there’s less saliva produced when a patient is sleeping, their pH decreases slowly at night, but it goes at a faster rate and can go as low as 3.6, which is dangerous to the minerals that work to protect your teeth.


Learn more about protecting your teeth while you sleep by clicking here. And don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your Family Smiles dentist by contacting the office closest to you.

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