Hudson Valley Dentists Explain Why Bleeding Gums Shouldn’t be Ignored


Bleeding gums occur more than any dentist would like to see, which is why it’s important to listen to the simple oral hygiene tips that they provide! There are several reasons that your gums could be bleeding, but it’s something that can be avoided if you’re taking proper care of your smile. Below, your Hudson Valley dentists explain why your gums may be bleeding, along with ways to save your gums from suffering.


Many patients commonly ignore their bleeding gums because they think it’s normal when it occurs, but this is far from normal! The main reason that your gums are bleeding is that they’re trying to tell you that something’s wrong. This is something that should be addressed to your dentist so you can start taking immediate action to protect your teeth.


Your oral hygiene routine is something that shouldn’t be sub-par and bleeding gums is a common sign that your teeth aren’t being properly taken care of. Eventually, there will be visual signs of bacteria and plaque on your teeth and swollen, red gums that are suffering. With dental tools like an electric toothbrush, bacteria fighting mouthwash, and a water pick for flossing, you’ll be able to protect your gums and improve your oral health habits in no time!


Having a poor diet also contributes to poor oral hygiene. There are some foods that actually help improve your dental health, like many fruits and vegetables, but if you ignore eating healthy snacks, your teeth will eventually begin to suffer. Although sweets and treats may be tempting, it’s important to know what it’s doing to your overall health—be conscious!


Bad habits like smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products quickly and effectively ruin your oral health, especially your gums. When you smoke cigarettes, the tobacco is constantly lingering in your mouth, sticking to your tongue, gums and lips, and staining your teeth. These are immediate consequences of tobacco products, but they can quickly escalate and be worse than you know!


The best way to avoid bleeding gums is to listen to your Hudson Valley dentists when they provide you with the proper tips on how to maintain your oral health. Contact our office by making an appointment online and choosing the correct location closest to you! 

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