Risks of Overusing Mouthwash

It is a myth that using something more than it is recommended to is going to give you better results. Dentists, scientists, and users have researched tirelessly to find the best products and the best way to get the healthiest, cleanest mouth. There is a science behind dental care. A dentist recommendation is never based on a whim, but pure fact, with safety as the number one goal in mind. Dental products are no different. They wish their users to be safe with their products, so that the product may help them stay healthy and happy, and not to deviate from the label recommendations. Most mouthwash has alcohol in it. It is an ingredient in mouthwash because it is a sterilizing liquid. It works to kill bad germs and bacteria inside your mouth. It also will help break up old food particles in hard to reach places that brushing and flossing cannot get. It is an important step in the three-step cleaning system. 
What is the Alcohol Content in Mouthwash?
Some famous brands put as much as 27% in their formula. There have been stories of people drinking mouthwash, thinking it would give them a better clean, and then driving. They then had an accident or had received a DUI because they consumed a high dose of alcohol. Keep in mind that mouthwash with a high alcohol content are more potent than most hard liquors. It is designed that way because it does work hard to kill all the bad things in your mouth, but therein lies the risk of absorbing quite a bit of alcohol during your swish and rinse. 
Should I Even Use Mouthwash with Alcohol in It?
Dentists give different advice on the matter. There have been studies that have linked mouthwash with high alcohol content with an increased risk of oral cancer. They believe it is caused from absorbing the alcohol into your cheeks, day after day, for years, until it eventually forms oral cancer, just like an alcoholic is more at risk for it. You may take this information and talk with your dentist about what is safe for you. 
Using a mouthwash without alcohol in it is a safe alternative that will still give you the clean that you desire. There are many brands that are moving away from even putting alcohol in their products. Talk to your Poughkeepsie, NY family dentist and see what they recommend. 

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