Family Smiles Dentist Wants to Protect Patients’ Teeth from Dental Myths


Taking care of your teeth is more than just brushing your teeth. This, along with word-of-mouth dental myths that quickly spread, is the reason that many patients avoid going to the dentist. They believe that their teeth are in good shape just because they brush and while that certainly helps, seeing a dental professional is only going to increase your oral health to consistently make sure your teeth are in top shape. Your Family Smiles dentist wants patients to know about these popular dental myths so they’re more aware of proper dental care.


Myth: No Visible Problem? No Problem at All!
Don’t let this popular myth fool you! If you continuously ignore your dentist appointments, you may not be getting relief from an underlying, invisible issue. Not all dental problems are in plain sight, which is the point of going to your dentist and making sure that everything in and around your teeth are okay. Diseases like periodontitis (gum disease) are virtually invisible until something seriously goes wrong and by that time, it may be too late to reverse the damage!


Myth: If My Gums are Bleeding, Stop Brushing!
There could be a few reasons as to why your gums are bleeding. The number one reason is due to gum disease, or its early stages, gingivitis. The reason that your gums are bleeding is because of there are food particles, bacteria, and plaque that wasn’t removed from proper brushing and flossing. Another reason that your gums could be bleeding is excessive irritation. If you’re brushing too hard or using a tough-bristled brush, you could be hurting your sensitive gums.


Myth: Crushed Aspirin on Toothache will Relieve the Pain!
This is a popular dental at-home remedy that many people follow, but most certainly should avoid. Aspirin was made to be ingested and broken down properly in your digestive system so the chemicals can find the pain point and relieve it on its own. While it’s not immediate, it will help. If you put a crushed aspirin directly on a tooth, you’re letting the chemicals work against parts of your body it wasn’t made to! These chemicals can cause sores and burns in your mouth and can make your toothache much worse.


If there are other dental myths you’ve heard and want to debunk them with your Family Smiles dentist, contact our office by calling our office at (845) 473-4565. While you’re at it, make an appointment for your bi-annual check up today!

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