Crowns & Bridges



1. Crowns and bridges usually take 2 or 3 appointments to complete. On the first appointment, the tooth/teeth are prepared and impressions are taken and a temporary crown is placed on your tooth/teeth.

2. You may experience sensitivity, gum soreness and slight discomfort of the tooth/teeth, it should subside after the placement of the permanent crown. Rinse the gum area with peroxide twice a day for 2 days.

3. Whenever anesthesia is used, avoid chewing until the numbness has worn off.

4. A temporary crown is usually made of acrylic material. It could break if too much pressure is placed on it. The crown also may come off. If it does, save the crown and call our office for an appointment to have it re-cemented. To avoid losing your temporary, avoid chewing sticky and hard foods (chewing gum, ice, bagels, etc.). Try to chew on the opposite side as much as possible.

5. After the permanent restoration is placed, you may feel slight pressure for a few days. Also, the bite may feel different for a day or two. However, if the bite feels uneven or you feel some discomfort when chewing on the tooth after 2-3 days, call our office.

6. Continue your normal brushing, but be careful while flossing around the temporaries (pull the floss gently through, not up or down).

7.  If you have persistent pain, please call our office.

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