Hudson Valley Dentists Explain the Importance of Root Canal Treatments to Protect Your Teeth


While we want to ensure that every patient’s smile is healthy and happy, there can be instances where your teeth may need a necessary treatment if they’re in danger. It’s common for patients to ignore their visits to the dentist if they don’t think that their teeth are at risk, but we want to stress the importance of keeping up with your dental check-up routines. Sometimes, it’s necessary for certain patients to receive a root canal treatment in order to save their smile, so let your Hudson Valley dentists help protect your teeth.


A root canal is a treatment that’s used to repair and save a tooth that’s been deeply infected due to a cavity, cracked tooth, or decay. During the treatment, your dentist will remove the pulp and nerves from the tooth and clean the infected area in order to salvage it. The tooth’s pulp and nerve aren’t important to a tooth’s health and function after the tooth has emerged from the gums.


If this treatment isn’t completed, there will be bacteria and pus that will build up at the tip of the root, allowing the infection of the pulp to spread to the surrounding bone. While you may only notice pain and swelling, there may come a time that the tooth needs to be completely removed.


Here are the general symptoms that people suffer from that can indicate a patient may need a root canal:

· Different levels of pain—this can range from mild to severe, with throbbing pressure that can vary throughout the day

· Great discomfort when you apply any pressure to it like chewing

· Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold liquids and foods


Don’t be afraid of getting a root canal! While it may sound scary, it’s the best means of protecting and maintaining the structure of your tooth (and your surrounding teeth) so your smile can shine once again.


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