Hudson Valley Dentists on A Valuable Tool

While your Hudson Valley dentists may have cabinets and trays full of expensive dental equipment designed to clean and sustain the health of your teeth, you actually have one of the most powerful dental tools at home right now: your toothbrush.


That’s right! Your toothbrush is the most common, and certainly one of the most powerful tools in preventing oral health issues and maintaining your amazing smile.


So what can be done to make sure your brush is not compromised by the bacteria and particles it battles on a daily basis? Your Hudson Valley dentists are glad you asked….


One of the first steps to take after brushing your teeth is also one of the most simple. Just wash the head of your brush under the sink using hot water and while also scrubbing your thumb through the bristles. This combination of heat, water and force can remove any leftover particles from the brush before your next cleaning.


Following that, storage of the brush is an important step to consider. Make sure that you place your brush in a holder that allows for it to be upright and have access to plenty of airflows. Do not allow any other brushes or surfaces to make contact with the brush. Lastly, make sure to wash out/off any white residue that may form on the container over time. This residue can be a place where bacteria are forming that can end up re-contaminating your brush.


The last step of all is to know where your brush has had its time in the sun. Every 3-4 months you should be throwing that old brush away and replacing it with a new one. By brushing daily, you should be putting enough “stress” on the brush that its structure is starting to fail and become less powerful. After this amount of time, the brush is also more susceptible to being invaded by bacteria- which, of course, is no good for your oral health.


For more information on how to take care of your brush, schedule an appointment with your Hudson Valley dentists today by calling (845) 452- 6110.

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