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The tooth enamel protects our teeth from serious damage. It houses the dentin and the other roots that keep our teeth attached to the jaw bone. However, despite knowing these things, there are times we take this for granted. People from all ages often suffer from mild to severe enamel erosion. 


Enamel erosion occurs when the enamel deteriorates from the acid that is formed and left inside the mouth. There are certain factors that cause enamel erosion.


·         High-sugar products like chocolates

·         Carbonated  beverages

·         If you are undergoing medication, you are susceptible to enamel erosion.

·         Genetic

·         Environmental factors like stress and tooth clenching

·         Gastrointestinal problems

·         Acid Reflux or GERD.

·         Dry Mouth


Types of Enamel Erosion


·         Intrinsic erosion

This type of erosion is often caused by medical or psychological conditions. People with gastric acid problems and eating problems would often suffer intrinsic enamel erosion.


·         Extrinsic erosion

Unlike the intrinsic enamel erosion, extrinsic erosion is often caused by the food that we eat.  Foods like chocolate, carbonated drinks and other high-acid foods affect the pH level of your mouth. Because of this, the saliva would become acidic, and the enamel deteriorates.


Signs and Symptoms of Enamel Erosion


·         Teeth sensitivity occurs.


Normally, your tooth is covered with enamel. And when you start feeling discomfort in the outer and inner surface of the teeth, there is a possibility that the dentin layer is exposed, causing the pain when you are eating and drinking sweet, cold or hot foods and beverages.


·         The edges of the front teeth are slowly becoming transparent.


This can cause your teeth to chip off and crack. If there are shiny parts of your teeth, there is also a possibility that your teeth are slowly losing the minerals they contain.


·         Severe discoloration of the enamel of tooth and dentin exposure.

·         Tooth fracturing occurs


Because your enamel is becoming weaker, your teeth slowly cracks and fractures down. It is also caused by an increased in tooth decay which makes it more susceptible to tooth fracturing.


Enamel erosion is a serious periodontal disease. It can cause tooth loss as well as other major problems that come along with it. It is best that you see your dentist regularly and practice oral hygiene to avoid these problems in the future.

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