Dentists in Wappingers Falls NY Discuss Gingivostomatitis

Gingivostomatitis is an infection of both the mouth and gums accompanied by swelling and sores. It is commonly caused by virus or bacteria. This infection usually affects children. It occurs after being infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) or with a coxsackie virus. Typically, people with poor oral hygiene are affected.


What are the symptoms of Gingivostomatitis?


·         Bad breath

·         Fever

·         Muscle soreness and aches

·         Cough

·         Discomfort

·         Soreness of gums and inside of cheeks

·         Soreness of mouth leading to loss of appetite


How do doctors test for Gingivostomatitis?


To diagnose gingivostomatitis, doctors usually scrape the tissues from your mouth and check for a viral or bacterial infection. If you are worried, a biopsy may be done too to rule out any possibility of having other sorts of mouth ulcers. It should not be neglected since it may just be one symptom of having more serious mouth disorders.


How to avoid having Gingivostomatitis?


To avoid having gingivostomatitis, you must practice good oral hygiene. Brush and clean your mouth well including your gums. Use mouth rinse to clean your mouth thoroughly.


What do you need to do if you have Gingivostomatitis?


If you suspect having gingivostomatitis, then you can do some home remedies like rinsing your mouth with salt water. You can also buy over the counter mouthwashes with hydrogen peroxide or xylocaine. To be sure that it gets healed thoroughly, visit your dentist to be able to take some antibiotics. The dentist will also decide if the infected tissue needs to be removed, a process called debridement.


What can possibly happen if Gingivostomatitis is ignored?


Dehydration may happen to children with gingivostomatitis since it can affect their appetite. Usually, children do not have the appetite to eat or even drink.


Since gingivostomatitis is caused by herpes simplex virus type 1, this can also infect the eye. The virus can quickly spread to the eye. This is known as the herpes simplex keratitis (HSK). It can cause permanent eye problems when neglected. Aside from the eyes and mouth, HSV-1 can also affect the genital area. When people perform oral sex that is the time that this virus can be transferred making it contagious.


Gingivostomatitis is something that you should not ignore. It may further lead to major complications affecting the individual.


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