Hudson Valley Dentists on that Clean Brush Feeling

Your Hudson Valley dentists at Family Smiles of the Hudson Valley know that germs, or bacteria, can cause all sorts of trouble in our lives. And from colds to infections to gum disease, we battle them with a whole slew of different medications, instruments and other devices. From washing our hands with antibacterial soap to brushing our teeth and flossing- all of these habits and more can help prevent the growth and negative impact of germs in our lives.


Mentioned above, the toothbrush is one of the tools most frequently used in order to maintain order in your mouth at home. So while your toothbrush isn’t in your mouth battling and removing bacteria- how can you keep in clean and germ-free from all of the other things that float in the air and/or can make contact?


Well for starters, never share your toothbrush. Your oral bacteria and health are uniquely yours, and even your loved ones can have different strains that impact your mouth differently. When it comes to the regimen, after brushing- make sure to rinse all of the debris off the brush and store it upright in an open container.


These are just a few of the ways to keep your toothbrush, and your mouth, healthy at home. You can view some of the other best ways to keep your brush germ-free, as well as other great oral health related articles written by professionals, by heading to the following WebMD article: Click Here.


For more information on your at-home oral health regimen, or to schedule an appointment with your Hudson Valley dentists- click here to review contact information for our Wappinger’s Falls and Poughkeepsie offices! 

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