Dentists in Wappingers Falls, NY Share Foods that Alleviate Bad Breath

Did you indulge too heavily in onions during lunch? That decision might mean that you face bad breath for the rest of the day! Garlic and onions are often the biggest reason for bad breath related to food, but you can get bad breath from a multitude of foods. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to neutralize that odor. Here are some ways to cover up your bad breath.
Foods Known to Fight Bad Breath
Choose one of these foods or drink to neutralize odors.
Green Tea – contains catechin which is an antioxidant that fights odor-causing bacteria.
Parsley – the oil inside the parsley is known for neutralizing odors. You can also opt for cinnamon or spearmint.
Apples – hard fruits increase the saliva production in your mouth to rebalance the ecological system.
C-Vegetables – most vegetable that begin with the letter ‘C’ will fight odor. Try celery, carrots or cucumbers as these increase salvia and fight off the bad bacteria.
Yogurt – filled with live cultures that reduce odors and influence the growth of healthy bacteria.
Nuts – just like the fruits and crunchy vegetables, nuts are full of fiber which acts like a toothbrush and cleans the teeth. 
Treating Bad Breath
Food isn’t the only way to help bad breath. Here are some other remedies that might remove those odors.
Sugarless gum – this doesn’t just mask the smell, but chewing gum also promotes the additional production of saliva to rinse away plaque and dangerous bacteria. Chew after every meal when you can’t brush.
Breath mints – sucking on a mint after eating helps mask the odor for a short time.
Drink more water – rinses the bacteria away from your mouth and keeps everything moist.
Practice good dental hygiene – more than anything, brushing and flossing properly will help to keep your breath fresh.
If you are facing bad breath that is persistent and doesn’t seem to go away, you might have a more serious condition. Don’t take any chances! Be sure to discuss the condition with your dentists in Wappinger Falls, NY sooner than later. Don’t allow embarrassment to stop you from the high level of dental health you deserve. Get treatment immediately. 

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