Use Fillings to Restore Your Smile with Your Dentists in Wappingers Falls NY

Fillings are used to restore tooth decay and provide cosmetic improvements for the patient. There are two types of fillings that you may want to discuss with your dentist, that of the traditional silver filling (amalgam fillings) and a more modern white filling.


Reasons for a Filling:

• Cavity

• Tooth fracture

• Weakening of the structure of the tooth

• Discoloration of the tooth

• Replacement of an old filling


What is a White Filling?

White fillings allow for the composite resin that is applied by the dentist to fill the tooth decay while matching the color of the tooth. The resin is typically made up of plastic and tiny glass particles.


Why Choose a White Filling?

Unlike the traditional silver filling, the white offers a natural appearance as it blends in better with the color of the treated tooth.


This particular filling bonds directly with the tooth and will help restore health to weak parts of the tooth. In the case of a minor cavity, less structure of the tooth needs to be removed in the preparation for the white filling. This type of filling also causes less soft tissue damage if the cavity is near the gum line.


Requirements of a Silver Filling


This type of filling may require that your dentist removes more of the tooth structure, as the silver sits in a pocket that the dentist drills into your tooth. Silver fillings tend to be more susceptible to decay and may even shrink over time. As mercury in this type of filling is evident, potential long-term health consequences could be a factor to patients who receive this type of treatment.


Replacement of Silver Filling with a White Filling


If you chose to have an old filling replaced with a white one, you might find that your tooth is sensitive for a few weeks after the treatment. If the pain persists, your bite might be off due to the inability to bite down during the procedure. Your dentist can provide you with a quick adjustment to your bite if this is the case.


Call your Wappingers Falls dentist today at (845) 223-9987 if you would like to talk with us about the possibility of replacing old fillings with white fillings.

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