Halloween is Fun and Spooky, but Your Hudson Valley Dentists Believe Tooth Decay is Even Scarier!


As one of the spookiest holidays gets closer, your Hudson Valley dentists want to make sure that there won’t be too many dental casualties throughout the night. We understand that, as a parent, it can be worrisome at the end of the night of trick-or-treating when your children want to consume each and every piece of candy they get. Below, we’ll discuss some helpful tips to monitor your children’s candy consumption on Halloween night so their smile doesn’t suffer in the long run!


Don’t forget—your children’s teeth are extremely vulnerable and weak to much of what they come in contact with, especially candy. Since they’re still developing and growing, including the gums, they are much more susceptible to cavities, decay, and tooth loss. When a child licks a piece of candy like a lollipop or some other hard candy, the long-lasting sugary sweet taste sticks around on your tongue and teeth, which causes a consistent acid attack. Lollipops tend to sit and dissolve in a child’s mouth, welcoming the sugar with open arms to cause severe dental damage.


Try to avoid some of the hard-hitting candies and switch them out for ones that are easier to clean after being consumed, typically chocolates. Snacks like dried fruits, chewy taffy, and suckers are some of the worst and can make it trickier to brush and floss at night. Another tip can be to only allow your children to enjoy their treats right after making their rounds, then ridding of the rest of it (or hiding it). This will hopefully lessen the temptation and explain to your children that too much candy is never a good thing.


We want our patients, young and old, to enjoy Halloween night as much as possible! But it isn’t worth putting your oral and dental health at risk. Schedule an appointment with your Hudson Valley dentists for more helpful tips and tricks that your smile, along with your children’s, can thrive long after the holiday! Give one of our three locations a call for your next visit.

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