Undergoing root canal therapy with the dentists in Wappingers Falls, NY


When patients hear the words “root canal,” they often cringe. They associate this treatment with pain. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth! Root canal therapy is a procedure performed to rid patients of pain and discomfort due to a diseased or infected tooth.


Root canal therapy is performed right in the dental office under one of our quality dentists in the Wappingers Falls or Poughkeepsie, NY areas. The dentist first determines if the patient can benefit from root canal therapy. The procedure is done to remove the dental pulp and may not be the first course of action. If the problem arises from a large cavity, fillings may be able to help. If not, root canal therapy is the first choice before permanent extraction of the tooth.


Root canal therapy is done under proper anesthetics and with sedation as needed. Patients are relaxed as the dentist accesses the inner portion of the tooth through a very small hole. Instruments are used to remove the dental pulp, which is a mass of tissues. This includes the blood supply and nerves. Once removed from the canals of the tooth, the inside is disinfected and treated to ensure any and all bacteria have been removed. Gutta percha, a clay-like material, is used to fill the tooth and composite resin bonding seals it off. In some cases, patients might require the placement of a dental crown over the tooth structure to add an extra layer of protection and strength.


The entire process can be done with the team of Family Smiles of the Hudson Valley. This and many other services are readily available through our state-of-the-art dental offices. The dentists of Family Smiles of the Hudson Valley have three convenient locations, including 12 Davis Avenue (Poughkeepsie), 637 Main Street (Poughkeepsie), and 939 Route 376 (Wappingers Falls, NY). Dentists in the community care about their patients smiles and want to assist. Contact us today at (845) 473-4565 to learn more about the various services available for patients of all ages!  

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