Cosmetic Dentist in Poughkeepsie NY Explains how Dental Crowns & Bridges can Save Your Smile


Here at our office, we have a number of procedures available to help restore your smile; whether it’s a necessary treatment or for aesthetic purposes, your cosmetic dentist in Poughkeepsie NY has the ability to improve the way your teeth look and how you feel about them. Below, we’ll be discussing dental bridges and crowns and why you may need (or want) to receive this procedure.


If a patient has damaged a tooth, whether it’s due to poor dental care or an accident, your dentist may suggest receiving a porcelain or zirconia crown. Typically, to fix a tooth, your dentist uses a filling that will cover a small portion and restore that area so that you won’t have to worry about any more damage to that particular spot. The crown will cover the entire visible portion of the tooth since a filling won’t be enough to protect the decayed or broken spot.


When your dentist places a crown on your tooth, it provides a protective shell on top of the damaged area to strengthen it and approve the appearance of the tooth. It’s typically used for teeth that are broken since the filling may not be stable enough to restore the full tooth. When the crown is placed, it’ll help restore the tooth to its original shape and be made to look, feel and act like the rest of your natural teeth.


Dental bridges can also be used with crowns, when the crowns are placed over the surrounding teeth of the bridge and bonded so they can hold the false tooth in place. If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, dental bridges can be a beneficial alternative and can restore the way your smile looks. A false tooth is placed in the gaps with a “bridge” across the top, bonded to the teeth around and made to look like the rest of your smile.


If you want to learn more about these procedures or if you think your smile will benefit from them, don’t hesitate to call your cosmetic dentist in Poughkeepsie NY at either of our locations. Call (845) 473-4565 for our location on Davis Avenue or call (845) 452-6110 for our location on Main Street.

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