Dentists in Wappingers Falls NY On Clearing Up Conversation

Your dentists in Wappingers Falls NY know how important patient education can be. As frequent patients or patrons, ourselves of other businesses and practices- we know that being left out in the dark for a conversation is never a good feeling. That is why we make it a priority to properly educate and inform every single patient we see about the procedures we perform and why they are being completed. We strive to answer every patient question that comes our way too.


With that said, sometimes when you are in a profession for so long- you can become “overly comfortable” by your surroundings. You may talk in a manner that makes perfect sense to you, but not to anyone else. If you work in graphic design, for instance, you may throw around the terms “rasterize,” “PSD,” “PNG” and more without a thought- while oral health care professionals might go on about “temporomandibular” for minutes- both resulting in a client or patient going “huh?”


We never will use terms you are unfamiliar with to alienate or confuse you- we promise. If we do happen to speak to someone else with terms you don’t know- always ask us for clarification. If you are too shy to speak up, that is not a problem either! That is why we have provided the following Dental Glossary for you to review today: Click Here for More.


Whether you know your “amalgam” from your “composite” filling- keeping regular appointments with your dentists in Wappingers Falls NY is a need-to-know! Call our office today to schedule your next visit at (845) 223-9987.

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