Dentists in Hudson Valley on Stopping Sores

Even though our human bodies fight off an amazing number of illnesses and injuries on a daily basis, we are all still susceptible to bodily harm. This damage can come in the form of breaks, tears, aches, disease and something your dentists in Hudson Valley see in patients quite often: sores. Sores can appear not only on your skin for various reasons but also in the mouth.


But what can cause a sore in the mouth?


  • Infections of the bacterial, fungal or viral varieties.
  • Broken teeth or fillings.
  • Dental devices, like dentures or braces.
  • Other diseases and disorders.


By just looking over this list- you may notice an issue- there is an extremely wide range represented here. An oral sore from biting your cheek can appear the same as the early stages of oral cancer to the naked eye- so if any sore lasts longer than a week without getting better, it is to be taken seriously. For more comprehensive information on oral sores and prevention- you can check out the following resource: MedicineNet.


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