Dentists in Hudson Valley area offer dental bridges for patients replacing missing teeth


A smile can last forever, but sometimes, problems arise that can result in the loss of natural teeth. When these issues occur, it is essential that patients in the Hudson Valley area visit a dentist to discuss replacement options. There are several ways to repair the smile when a tooth is missing, including dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. Patients seeking an affordable yet permanent solution for their smile may benefit from the placement of a dental bridge.


Dental bridges are a great alternative to dentures and implants. A bridge is a ceramic restoration custom made to place into the dental arch. It is supported on both sides by a natural tooth (or in some cases, an implant). It uses a false tooth, or several, to replace the missing teeth in the arch. A bridge is more permanent than a denture but less costly than an implant. Many patients seeking an affordable option when compared to implants but a more permanent solution love the idea of using a dental bridge to repair their smile. Some dental insurance companies also provide coverage for dental bridges, but if patients are left with an out-of-pocket cost, they can speak to our front office about financing options if they decide to do so. Dental bridges are not extremely costly, but we understand how unexpected dental costs can affect one’s budget and we want to make sure all of our patients can attain the services they require for a healthier, functioning smile.


Drs. Theodore Gross and Corazon Flores are dedicated professionals in the Hudson Valley area. Our dentists want to provide patients with a wide selection of treatments for patients who are faced with problems within the smile. This includes tooth loss. If you want to find out more about the benefits of dental bridges, now is a great time to contact Family Smiles of the Hudson Valley, Visit our practice at 637 Main Street in Poughkeepsie, NY or call us at (845) 473-4565 to make an appointment. We welcome new and existing families in the area and encourage households to seek treatment for their unique dental situations with a team of professional dentists.

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