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Taking care of your toothbrush is a process composed of an essential set of steps for keeping your at-home oral health regimen on track, which is essential in maintaining your amazing smile.


By following the steps that your Family Smiles dental office will review in this blog, you can be saving your teeth from being exposed, or re-exposed, to the same bacteria and dental detriments you try to eliminate daily by brushing.


For a simple first step to follow before and after brushing, all you need is your hand, your brush and the sink! Turn the sink on relatively hot and high, and put the head of your toothbrush under the water. With a single finger, flick through the bristles under the water for a few seconds- and that is all! This simple combination of water flow, heat and motion via the finger can dislodge any bacteria or particles that may be hanging onto the head from the previous cleaning.


After this cleaning procedure, storage is an important second step to take. Make sure you place your brush right-side up in a holder that has access to plenty of airflow. Do not allow for the head of your brush to make contact with other brushes or surfaces to avoid cross-contamination. Lastly, make sure to wipe away any white residue that may form on the sides or at the bottom of the holder frequently. This substance is one that holds high levels of bacteria, so must be eliminated to maintain brush health.


The final step to take is to make sure you get yourself a new toothbrush every 3-4 months. It is at this point that all the brushing you have been doing will start to break down the brush, making it not only more susceptible to bacteria, but also performing worse as well.


For any more toothbrush maintenance tips, or to schedule a dental appointment with Family Smiles of the Hudson Valley, call today at (845) 473-4565.

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